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Kentucky Derby Predictions, and more!
 horseowners - (gustoforrobusto)
01:24pm 28/04/2009
gustoforrobusto posting in Horse owners

The Run for the Roses, the most exciting two minutes in sports; By any name, the Kentucky Derby is annual happening like none other. Just once a year, we kick off the quest for the Triple Crown, and do so with the greatest race in the sport. The Twin Spires of Churchill Downs, the infield crazies, even the hat parade and waiter races, all are part of the Great American Tradition of the Kentucky Derby. Every year, Louisville, Kentucky transforms from one of the fair sized city of the Mid-South region, on the Ohio River, to a stylish, genteel locale, where the Mint Juleps flow freely, the burgoo is piping hot, and the race is as exciting as ever. So, for those Epicureans amongst us who want to learn more about the Kentucky Derby, the race predictions, the fan fare and the traditions, our gift to you is the Epicurean’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby.

What it’s all about

Analyzing the Kentucky Derby Favorites
A Song and A Prance: The Story of the Official Song of the Kentucky Derby
Traditions of the Kentucky Derby

What to watch

A Film Revisited: SEABISCUIT

What to drink

The Definitive: Mint Julep
An Inside Look at the Bourbon Barons of Kentucky: Frederick B. Noe III of Jim Beam

What to smoke

The LE Cigar Archive

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Happy Holidays
 horseowners - (ex_tig_wolf363)
12:37pm 25/12/2007
The employees of Horse On Course wishes everyone a wonderful Holiday Season.
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Horse Riding Lessons
 horseowners - (memyownboss)
04:31pm 15/08/2007
Hey guys, I recently wrote a short section on my website about how teens can use their horse riding expertise to make money giving lessons. The article is Tutoring & Lessons 101
I myself am not familiar with riding or what it entails, so if any of you could take a look and give me pointers on what I should add I would really appreciate it!
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(no subject)
 horseowners - (akiocosplay)
03:11am 07/08/2007
ok i have stock for sale... horse gear that is not horses at this stage in time.

please take a look....

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New member; Long time rider
 horseowners - (hytonix)
09:10am 31/12/2006
Hi everyone,

My name is Lisetta and I'm new to this community, nice to meet you all.

I live on a 200 acre horse stud in NSW, Australia and I have roughly 32 horses on my property at the moment.

I have many, many photos of my horses; I have mainly warmbloods now but my previous show pony was a Riding Pony x Welshie.

My home doubles as a business and my mother and I offer both rider and horse training.

We also offer agistment and a unique barnstay experience (visitors are welcome to bring their horses for the weekend/duration of their stay and we have some lovely bush trails)

If anyone is ever in the Hunter Valley region of Australia we'd love for you to stop by.

If you'd like to hear more about any of my horses, like to share stories of your own or just want to chat horse-talk I'd love for you to contact me.. It's very rare I get to chat with horsey people on a casual basis, it's much more fun when it's just chit-chat and not business talk. :)

Look forward to getting to know some of the riders and horse lovers out there.
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A little about myself in the only way my life connects with horses.
 horseowners - (onoe)
12:55am 26/10/2006
Here to remind you of the mess you left. posting in Horse owners
Sorry if I ramble in this entry, this community is getting to quiet.Collapse )
I've sent out invitations and have searched around for people but no one seems to want to come. If you have any ideas, let me know. =)
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Indoors/Pole barn
 horseowners - (ennuiislife)
09:46am 04/08/2006
Kate G. posting in Horse owners

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The birth of a new community.
 horseowners - (onoe)
09:30pm 09/06/2006
Here to remind you of the mess you left. posting in Horse owners
Wow, it lives.
Hello, I've created this community in the hopes of finding people who own horses. I don't own one myself but I plan on it in the near future. I love horses and have been enchanted by them my whole life but since I live in the city I don't have much chance of getting out and being with them. I'm making an effort now to learn about them and hopefully soon I will own one. I hope this community will help me learn and be a bit of fun along the way.
Please future people, share your stories.
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music: Cold - Tell Me Why
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