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A little about myself in the only way my life connects with horses.
 horseowners - (onoe)
12:55am 26/10/2006
Here to remind you of the mess you left. posting in Horse owners

I suppose most people who join a community such as this one will more likely live in the country. You can't really own a horse and live in the city. Well, you can if you board your horse, but that to me doesn't seem like the horse is really yours.
I live in a city. It's a small city but it is the capital of the province and big enough not to allow horses. For as long as I can remember I've wanted a horse. I suppose you could say that when I was really young I had an imaginary horse friend. Only recently however have I really thought about them seriously. I've never owned a horse but I plan on investing in one in the hopefully near future.
This new obsession of mine only started slightly before summer but it's different from before. It's no childish "horses are beautiful! I want one!". I've got the "horse fever" as some call it. I truly believe that my life will not be complete without ever personally knowing a horse. Something I think only those here could truly understand. It's annoying more than anything really. The "fever" keeps nagging at me but what can I do about it? I can't take on a horse just yet. To counter the feelings I've gone riding and bought many books to learn as much as I possibly can through a book about keeping a horse. I've gone so far as to think about making a career out of horses, a breeder or a boarder or something but many times when I think of it I feel sick. Not because it's a lot of work and money or anything but because...where do you learn about it? Most true equestrians grew up with horses and learned from their parents and friends and from their own growing experience. I'm not exactly old...I'm not old at all really but I almost feel like it's getting to be to late. All the stories I've heard, the people had known horses for at least 10 - 15 years already at my age. I also don't know anyone personally who owns a horse. It's an awful feeling, thinking you can't do what your heart wants to do most because of some unfortunate circumstances. I'll probably end up not making a career out of them but living in the country away from the awful noise and smell of the city with a few acres and a horse or two. That would be good enough but to have my own ranch with many horses would be a dream come true. I'm going to see if I can take a course here in the city I've found that might help but in the end really the only way I think is to get out there and own a horse. I'd hang around stables first of course and go to some clinics and the such but really in the end, you can only learn from the horse.

I've been learning a bit about the different kinds of breeds too and have decided that my favorite kinds are the Rocky Mountain and the Andalusian. The Appaloosa and Paint also appeal to me.

I've sent out invitations and have searched around for people but no one seems to want to come. If you have any ideas, let me know. =)
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