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Indoors/Pole barn
 horseowners - (ennuiislife)
09:46am 04/08/2006
Kate G. posting in Horse owners

So my mom and I want to put up a decent sized indoor on our property, the better to ride in the winter, and also to host dog agility shows and clinics. Anyway, wondering which companies you'd recommend. We just had a bid from a company for the material only (70x100)  that was about $40000, but they have some delusion that I can put it up myself. I'm thinking that the building would end up costing about $150,000 installed, but I don't think that would include exciting things like stalls and electricity.
Anyway, we've looked at Morton and Coverall, the latter because it is so much cheaper. Worried slightly about winds though, as it gets pretty harsh up here (WI). Also, what size do you think is most comfortable? Ideally I want to fit in a dressage ring, so I'm thinking at least 70' by 200', but perhaps wider, ie 100x200', 220 including stalls.
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06:20am 06/08/2006 (UTC)
Here to remind you of the mess you left.
You know, honestly I know nothing about barn building but if you want to fit in a dressage ring and have a bit extra room still 100x200' sounds perfect. In the end though, it's really about how much money you have and are willing to spend, right?
I dunno... I felt like I should comment. =) Good luck with that, it sounds like fun.
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